Baby it’s cold outside

So what better to do than make a heating pad? For years I’ve had one made out of a old dish towel & some rice. Now I have my fox wrap and isn’t she’s a cutie!

20140307_fox_heatingpad20-87KShe’s 28″ from nose to the tip of the tail and keeps me warm. I don’t like the smell of heated rice so this time I mixed in barley and it smells much better. Thinking of rye seeds also?

If you’ve used other types of grain or seeds, let me know.

I wasn’t sure about heating fleece in a microwave, so there’s a 5″ opening underneath that allows me to remove a 15″ x 3″ grain bag. The bag is made of muslin and divided into 3 sections so the barley doesn’t all fall to the head & tail areas.