Strata Quilt, or is it called a Tile Quilt?


Hi again. I wanted to show you my Strata quilt that I started in April 2011. It was tons of fun to design and play with the different colors (see below).  My stash had many batiks that I’ve never used so I decided to put them all in one quilt.

20140211_strata_front_680 Here’s the finished quilt, but I wanted to talk about the designing part. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to design. This allows me to make lay out decisions and ‘see’ the finished quilt long before I even start sewing. Continue reading


A quilt for Kelley

Back in 2002, when I found out a server at our local pub was pregnant, I already had an idea for a baby quilt.

I love paper piecing. It’s easier than applique and gives great accuracy to a design.  The paper piece pattern comes from Margaret Rolfe’s Animal Kingdom.  The quilt is approx. 50″ x 45″.

Here’s the layout on the design wall20021207_Kelleys_baby_550and the finished quilt two months laterKelleys_baby-2_550

Black Metallic Wholecloth quilt

This small quilt was my first attempt at machine quilting from back in 2001-ish.  I actually wanted to make a cute blanket for my Papillion, but she didn’t like it and only tried to scratch it to death!

I can’t remember where I got the pattern, but I loved the trapunto in the hearts.  It was made with black cotton fabric and silver metallic thread.