Humane Society ‘Adopt Me’ Vests

MangoBeans Adopt Me Dog Vests

I’ve been busy doing volunteer work for my local Humane Society.  I have lots of fabric that I doubt I’ll ever use and this was a great project to use up some of it.

These vests are worn during Adopt Days.

MangoBeans Adopt Me Dog Vests

MangoBeans Adopt Me Dog VestsMangoBeans Adopt Me Vests

MangoBeans Adopt Me VestsThe hard part was finding an ink that wouldn’t run or fade. There are two products that worked very well. Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Bubble Jet Rinse.  Follow the instructions exactly.  Also purchased some pre-cut Freezer Paper sheets.  Purchased from Dharma Trading Co,1805 S. McDowell Boulevard Ext., Petaluma, CA 94954.


In Photoshop Elements, I made the text for Adopt Me, then copied some of the art work from my local Butte County Humane Society. Added the paw print to their logo and got approval for the final design.  I changed the size when making the smaller vests.

MangoBeans Adopt-Me-paw-logo2

The straps are reinforced where they meet the vests and ran a row or two of stitching along the center.

MangoBeans_Strap Stitching MangoBeans_AdoptMe_center-stitchingMy local Joann’s has lots of colored straps, and I found velcro for $.99 a yard.



3 thoughts on “Humane Society ‘Adopt Me’ Vests

  1. Would like to talk to you about sizing etc. you used. I work for an organization called Pillows for Paws and we want to make similar vests. I was also thinking no webbing (just fabric bands). What do you think?

    • A note that I forgot to add, when applying the velcro, attach the hooks so they are facing out, away from the body. Then, when putting the vest on the dog, if the two pieces of velcro don’t line up exactly, the hooks won’t scratch the dog’s neck or belly.

    • Hi! Yes, fabric bands would work and you could make them match or have a nice contrasting fabric. I’ve had wonderful feedback stories from the Humane Society about the magic of the vests.

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