Pyramid / Equilateral Triangle Quilt


Pinterest has several of these cute quilts. I’ve admired them for sometime. Now that we have a grandchild on the way, I could make one!

The top of the quilt is a total of 2.25 yards;  9 colors, each 1/4 yard (no fat quarters). The back is 1 yard. For the binding you’ll need a 1/2 a yard. To cut out the triangles, cut 6 1/2″ strips from selvage to selvage, and use your 60° line on your ruler. Until you get the rhythm of the ruler, make your first triangles out of the solid fabric. Not the patterned ones. Ask me how I learned that. 🙂  If you’d like detailed instructions, here you go:

Here’s the fabrics that Tiffany selected.


After I cut out all the triangles, I started arranging them on my design wall.


I quickly realized that moving those bias-edged triangles was going to stretch them out of shape!

Photoshop to the rescue…again! Photoshop Elements really helps with the designing. I took photos of the fabrics, cropped them to size and pasted them into the workspace. I don’t get too concerned about rough areas. This part is about being creative and getting your design thoughts on to the digital paper.

Here’s a .jpg of the beginning process. I added as many triangles to the workspace as I actually had available. I tried pairing and unpairing until I came up with these.20140215_LittleD_pyramid_play-80

After playing with them for a while, I found I liked the diagonal motion alternating yellows & greys.


Oh, what about the edges? I forgot to cut and decide what to do with the edges. Humm…I could leave them zigzaggy and put on bias binding. Not for a baby quilt?  So I added grey 1/2 triangles and the yellow binding.


I tried black, but forgot to keep a .jpg of it. Then I tried white and liked it!


And a close up of the finished quilt.


Share with me what steps you take to design a quilt.


3 thoughts on “Pyramid / Equilateral Triangle Quilt

  1. If I am designing a medallion quilt, I typically design one border at a time. I try out different fabric and piecing options, often making units that don’t get used as originally planned. Occasionally I design a border in EQ7. Even with that it changes because of fabrics I have available. I always start with stash and only buy to fill in.

    If I’m designing a quilt of a different format, I might be inspired by a particular block or color scheme or setting. Usually there is just one element I mimic, then changing all the rest including quilt and block size.

    I’ve designed a couple of quilts, start to finish, in EQ7, including close color matches. Those are the most boring quilts to make, though, so it isn’t something I’ll do often.

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